RV & Sunroom Roof Repair Kit

Superior RV Roof

RV & Sunroom Roof Repair Kit

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This listing is for an RV roof repair kit consisting of one gallon of Superior RV One Part Liquid Rubber Roofing and one 6” X 150’ roll of Superior Spunlace Roofing Fabric. This combination is ideal for permanently repairing cuts, large holes and problem seams, as well as forming a permanent, flexible, watertight seal between an rv and a sunroom roof.  Also excellent for sealing seams in sectional aluminum sunroom roofs.

Brush a thin layer of Superior RV Liquid Rubber over the area needing repair, and embed the fabric in the wet liquid by brushing or rolling it flat. Allow to dry overnight and recoat with Superior RV Liquid Rubber. The resulting flexible patch is very strong, totally UV resistant, and waterproof. The product dries pure white.

CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY SUPERIOR RV to Superflex TPO made by Alpha Systems or DiFlex II made by Dicor.

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