RV Roof Coating Kit for ALPHA, EPDM, OLD COATINGS 21 to 30 ft RV Roof

Superior RV Roof

RV Roof Coating Kit for ALPHA, EPDM, OLD COATINGS 21 to 30 ft RV Roof

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Superior RV roof coating and restoration kit for Alpha Brand EPDM roof membranes, as well as pre-existing coatings such as acrylic elastomeric. This kit will fully complete a roof up to a 30 ft long X 8.5 ft wide. (255 square feet)

This kit will work well on all EPDM roof surfaces, so if you are not sure which brand of roof you have, this is the kit for you!

The kit contains 2 gallons of Superior 100 Flexible Epoxy Primer, and 3 gallons of Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing. See complete application instructions at the bottom of this page.

Superior RV is a liquid applied roof replacement which differs from acrylic or silicone roof coatings because it forms a thick, seamless, membrane sheet, similar to epdm or tpo rubber. It can be applied by brushing or rolling. The new surface is almost indestructible and totally resistant to uv rays, water, ice, hail, and abrasion. No need to re-coat year after year – do it once and forget it! The finished product is tougher than most original rubber roof membranes and is backed by a 15 Year Product Guarantee. FREE SHIPPING 

Precautions: If you are applying this kit to a previously coated roof, make sure the old coating is sticking well to the roof and there is no peeling. Peeling or powdery, flakey coating must be removed before applying Superior products as they will eventually lift and take everything else with it. 

Click Here: Application Instructions:


CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY SUPERIOR RV to Superflex TPO made by Alpha Systems or DiFlex II made by Dicor.