RV Roof Roof Primer for Alpha EPDM and Previously Applied Coatings – 2 Gallon Kit

Superior RV Roof

RV Roof Roof Primer for Alpha EPDM and Previously Applied Coatings – 2 Gallon Kit

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  • Superior 100 is a two-part, 100% solids, multi-purpose, flexible epoxy primer.
  • The product is mixed at a 1:1 ratio by volume (example: 1 cup Part “A” to 1 cup Part “B”) and
  • Easily applied by brush and/or squeegee.
  • Superior 100 allows coatings such as Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roofing to be applied to Alpha Brand and other EPDM roof surfaces without the problem of bubbling, swelling or distortion.
  • Superior 100 is also an ideal primer for old, well adhered acrylic coatings on recreational vehicles.
  • Superior 100 contains 100% solids by volume and no solvents, the coverage per gallon is much higher than competitive products designed to do the same job.
  • Two gallons will cover up to 400 square feet at 8 mils dry film thickness in one coat.
  • When using Superior 100 Primer on an RV roof, you only need half as much Superior RV Liquid Roof Coating, as the primer replaces the first coat normally used on a non-primer application.


Superior 100 is heat and moisture sensitive. High temperatures and humidity will accelerate the cure time and pot life. Low temperature and or low humidity will extend the cure time.  Recommended surface temperature should be above 50ºF (10ºC) and at least 5ºF above the dew point. Store product at room temperature. If Part “A” is too thick, place can in hot tap water for 30 minutes to reduce thickness. Superior 100 must be top-coated between 22 and 30 hours after application. After that, it must be sanded or top coats will not adhere. Surface is ready to topcoat when dry to the touch, but slightly tacky to walk on. For rv roof surfaces, Superior RV Liquid Rubber Roof Coating is an ideal topcoat for this product.

Surface Preparation: Surface MUST be properly cleaned. Remove all loose coatings and caulking that is peeling. Using warm water and Tide® laundry detergent. Scrub or pressure wash, flush with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly.  Do not use dish detergent. All dirt, oily residues, wax and surface treatment products, such as rubber conditioners, must be removed prior to coating.

Mixing: Pick a day when there is no chance of rain. Apply primer after 11:00 AM so it will be cured enough by 10 AM the following day (or after dew has evaporated) before applying topcoat. Do not mix more material that you can use in ½ hour. Use two identical disposable containers, such as 1 qt. plastic measuring cups, pour equal amounts Part “A” by volume in one, and Part “B” by volume in the other. Pour each of these into a working container large enough to accommodate both “A” and “B”. Mix thoroughly for one minute. Caution: Do not measure by weighing. Measure by volume only.

Application: Pour and spread the primer using either a brush, roller or squeegee, making sure entire surface is covered. One heavy coat is adequate and will self-level to a glossy finish. Do not try to spread the product too thin. Allow to dry 22 hours or until dry to the touch, but slightly tacky before applying topcoat.

CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY SUPERIOR RV to Superflex TPO made by Alpha Systems or DiFlex II made by Dicor.